Spreading Ideas

Chile’s Indigenous represent the nation’s Araucania Region

Saturday, October 15, 2022

It’s a day off from my part-time job. I’ve lots to accomplish from an unappealing list of to-dos.

Now, from the mundane to the ridiculous.

It’s fascinating, the war in Ukraine, Putin, Xi, and other nation leaders, ethnic conditions and conflicts nearly everywhere, and American raging politics and economics.

Along with others here in the middle of Oregon, I’m changing my shopping habits; evaluating how often and far I am willing to drive a vehicle, and re-thinking many of my long-held world views.

It’s impossible not to reflect on today’s exploded populations, technological upgrades, and educational needs. Our very human selves wish to cling to what’s already understood and accepted.

But the known world roils.

This morning, I was surprised at finding myself pursuing information about Chile’s Araucania region, home to the Mapuche, that country’s indigenous people. Chile is the only Latin American country with a constitution that doesn’t recognize its indigenous populations and their rights. The Mapuche are demanding a more egalitarian society.

New learning offered insight into that region’s terrain, the Mapuche history and culture, and how those associate to current Chilean politics. Fascinating stuff.

Similar unrest occurs in Iran, Myanmar, and Shri Lanka. All related, too, to American unrest over limited educational and employment opportunities for ethnic minorities, immigrants, and youth.

Lots of people pass through my grocery checkout line spouting old ideas about the inefficiencies of formal education, muscular changes our government needs, and etc. They say nothing or little about a genuine need to view the known world afresh.

Dear Friends: Today’s house- and barn-work might re-center my brain. Diana

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