Monday, October 17, 2022

I’m trying to bolster the courage to glance at what today’s stock market might be doing. Just a quick look at what it suggests about world conditions. Maybe an upward tilt would hint at a shift toward global sanity.

There’s plenty of insanity: war in Ukraine, British political craziness, Xi’s mighty ambitions, riots in Iran, and America’s upcoming election. To name a few.

The bright spots from my perspective are limited. I have a blind faith in humanity’s wish to survive and believe in my heart that chaos will end, and end well enough. But I seek realistic clues for a forward perspective. The stock market is easy to assess. It reflects the real-time, is in the moment, and suggests the next moments and tomorrows.

Early today, the market predicts a rally. Hopefully, it will carry through this and even through its following sessions, and spark a sense that the economy is settling.

Dear Friends: Grabbing at straws to gain more optimism. Diana

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