Easy Does It

Sunday, October 23, 2022

These are the times of gigantic topics, like war, supercomputers, AI, and sometimes “misbehaving stars” of the stage, screen, music, and oh yes, entrepreneurship. Okay, political leaders, too. And a Supreme Court Justice’s wife…

Are there still quiet moments of simple pleasures? What are they?

I traveled back into myself, and yes, understood that small events can delight. For example, that first cup of morning coffee, a tentative sip, and also seeing through a kitchen window a hovering hummingbird at the nectar feeder.

My routine includes caring for outside animals, horses, goats, and chickens. It’s sometimes hard to work, like yesterday. In rapid west winds, I had to fight while adding to sheltering for animals designed for a quiet summer. Afterward, exhausted and up in the house, my simple pleasure was dropping into an easy chair, a “first sit” after hours on my feet.

Other such moments, too, help me feel grounded. While reading morning newspapers and feeling confused or angry about world events, the good cup of coffee helps to settle my mind. So does a glance at my hound dog sleeping nearby on a cushy pillow.

Dear Friends: Little things, easing the pressures from big things, feel good. Diana

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