Thursday, October 27, 2022

Several evenings ago, the sun’s setting over Central Oregon was spectacular. My new camera captured its progress with some pleasing outcomes, although it doesn’t yet have a highly-capable distance-reducing lens.

The header photo is my first shot. It captures a piece of Broken Top, an ancient spent volcano (my favorite profile in the range). It offered the clearest view from where I stood.

I began moving around to capture a wider view of the sky’s stunning colors.

Here are Central Oregon’s Cascades. From left to right, showing a bit of Mt. Bachelor, then Broken Top, and the South and Middle Sisters.

This tighter capture over Broken Top and the South Sister is arguably the best showpiece for reflecting the sky’s magnificent lighting.

It’s taken days of learning to download, copy, edit, and publish these photos.

My new camera is a mirrorless Panasonic Lumix, a brand with which I was completely unfamiliar. If instead, I had opted for a Canon, a brand I’ve used previously, maybe I’d have managed those processes more quickly. Partly why I chose a different brand was to experiment and expand my knowledge and capabilities. So far, so good.

Dear Friends: I was shooting from beside my barn; I enjoy those mountains all the time. Diana

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