Friday, December 30, 2022

Welcome to the penultimate day. Tomorrow is when this year ends. I’m thinking about what might have been good and what might not have. I’m cautiously doing so after having considered many previous twelve-month stretches. All seem to have lasted for about the blink of an eye. I recognize that assessing a period for true values, versus little or none, is like wild guessing. More time needs to pass and with longer reflection.

Off the top of my head, seemingly good occurrences, and those less so, fall into distinctive columns. Those are squishy, however, for upon reflection every happening combines pros and cons. Fairly assessing most items in either column requires both plenty of time and skillful thoughtfulness.

This is a special time of year and with traditions. This distinctive period of stopping and restarting is an opportunity to reflect and evaluate. It’s worthwhile today and tomorrow to imagine the past year’s reasonable goods versus its less-so. That would provide a renewal basis for self-guidance in 2023.

Dear Friends: These years, so very different from the past, mightily challenge our personal visions. Diana

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