Sunday, January 01, 2023

Here’s a typical guideline for a goal-setting road map:

Look ahead and make a plan for the future. Identify key goals and key steps for achieving them. Break down major steps into necessary earlier steps. Identify resources needed. Create a timeline, for periodically reviewing and adjusting the plan, and for completing it.

I did all that way back in my corporate career days. Almost everyone who works still must create that map. It’s a worker’s guideline, and used for coaching individuals, and measuring, evaluating their productivity, or lack thereof, over time.

Through the last days of 2022, I tried looking ahead and setting a few goals, but resisted. I’m a victim of corporate training and the road map puts me in a bad mood. It had too much presence in my working years. I recall meetings with supervisors about my performance, and how our views merged or diverged depended on how individually we each attended to details.

I could be loose about writing details, although they’re always embedded in my thought processes. What often has saved my bacon have been well-organized and detail-oriented support folks.

These days, I’m my own planner and evaluator and without outside prompting for specifics and details. I’m still too lose on details to create an effective road map. If I could, and did, it would need monitoring and attending. I still prefer to create plans on scraps of paper and have details in my head.

So as usual, this year, I’ve no written resolutions, road maps, timelines. I have resolutions in my head: Stay healthy, Take care of property and animals, Be certain to get out and among people, Play creatively with my usual interests, and above all, Keep Learning.

Dear Friends: I hope you’ve successfully planned for ’23, and will achieve your wishes. Diana

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