Dawning Day

Tuesday, January 03, 2022

That’s my deck very early today appearing warm and inviting. In twenty-something degrees weather, my best option was photographing through a glass door, which captured some reflected background noise. Overall, however, a pleasing scene. Some neighbors have clicked off their Christmas lights, but mine will remain on until around the end of this month; in other words, when I feel like doing it.

Here’s a little treat, yesterday’s capture of busy Miss Mitzvah.

I adopted her while working in a pet store. A woman came in with her, said she’d rescued the pup from an abusive home, and would be finding her a new home. And, there I was!

Mitzvah has received short shrift this year because of Chase, another puppy I adopted. Through his early puppy stages, Chase has consumed much time and energy. When he came to us, Mitzvah’s twelve pounds towered over him. Now he’s approaching one year old, weighs fifty pounds, and they’re still best buddies.

He has helped Mitzvah get over some issues from her previous person. A problem when she began living with me was that she refused to go through any doorway. It was difficult, getting her outside or back inside, and maybe someone had abused her.

My response was to lift and set her down, outside or inside, as appropriate. While little Chase was growing, they ran around together and she easily followed him through doorways. Problem solved!

This little Jack Russell and Poodle mix knows exactly how to work a person. My lucky find.

Dear Friends: Have a wonderful day. Diana

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