Midweek Musing

Wednesday, January 17, 2023

I couldn’t have been more frustrated yesterday upon on discovering that Word Press wasn’t saving that morning’s blog draft. I thought it was ready to post but a blank page showed up!

Every so often something similar happens, and makes me decide to dump Word Press. Soon though I pause, blogging is easy when the platform works correctly. Kudos to good old Google!

At the end of last year, as a Google believer, I replaced my iPhone with a Pixel 7 Pro, and for service chose Google fi. I’m still unclear as to how these will work out. My iPhone experience was better than with the Pixel, but I’m hanging in. Google’s fi service has the advantage of lower costs per phone and per line. Fi has a disadvantage in being totally online. For example, fi has no brick-and-mortar stores for one to enter and find in-person information or adjustments. Instead, one negotiates during long telephone sessions. If one can dare to online chat, there’s that (those often dissatisfy me).

I also considered another advantage of going all online. It was to learn how to navigate and negotiate totally in cyberspace. All signs point to that as the future for cell phone users. I usually have found myself talking with an international support representative. All so far, have spoken in comprehensible English and have been kind and helpful. My worst experience was in having to seek assistance, because my phone completely had failed, from fi’s online chat.

The jury’s still out on Pixel and fi. I remain cautiously optimistic about using google to achieve two key goals: blogging and cell phone. Meanwhile, there’s news that google and other major cyberspace providers are going to lay off massive numbers of employees. Yes, for now, the best is cautious optimism.

Dear Friends: Hoping this blog gets off correctly for a good cyberspace experience. Diana

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