Monday, January 30, 2023

OMG, how about Zero Degrees! That was yesterday morning’s temperature. It included freezing winds. An incoming gust felt numbing when I opened the door to let the dogs outside. Later, I bundled up to feed horses and chickens, but my heavy wool coat and hat didn’t offset instant face numbing. So I hurried back into the house to my winterwear stash and searched for a face cover.

Almost immediately, my gloves failed, and my fingers began freezing. An infrared heater in the barn helps but thawing fingers are briefly uncomfortable. Usually, a one-time infrared thaw is all that’s needed, but yesterday my fingers quickly began to refreeze.

Meanwhile, my neighbor, Bill, posted on Facebook that Central Oregon’s zero temperature was thirteen degrees colder than Nome, Alaska. I felt every bit of that while outside.

After early feeding my horses, chickens, and goat, I spent most of the day inside with the dogs. I had several later feeding tasks, but outside was sunny, and follow on treks were a little warmer.

Today starts a new warming trend expected to last through the week.

Dear Friends: Thankfully, this area rarely experiences such extremely low temperatures. Diana

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