Wednesday, February 01, 2023

It’s too early for the Robins. But nevertheless, I’m drawn to this springlike image from my archive. I eagerly await the Robins’ return, signaling that winter is over and livening up the territory. Robins, alert and determined, are the “Border Collies of Birds.”

My times in an orange apron and working in the Garden Department had me averaging 12K steps daily. That includes my steps at home. The Garden Department isn’t even busy right now, so we’re fronting and facing merchandise and filling shelves. We expect the department to become a madhouse in a couple of weeks when the plants start arriving.

For the rest of this week, I’ll have to sit and learn by video again. But some videos should make more sense because I’ve worked on the floor. So that could make them more interesting and less brain-freezing.

After clocking out, while leaving the store, I pick up small missing items at home, for which I’m always searching, like bungee cords, rope, and certain screws and nails. I will avoid large interesting items until I hear from customers about how they work and if they’re worthy. The coolest thing about being a salesperson is learning from customers.

Dear Friends: The videos will end, the flowers will arrive, and the Robins will return. Diana

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