Up Close & Personal

Thursday, February 09, 2023

I’m in tears from videos of humanitarian efforts to rescue victims of the
huge shocks that crushed populated areas in Turkey and Syria. Videos bring
alive that situation’s incredible horror, and emphasize the awful realization
that three days post-earthquake having passed means discovering fewer people
still alive.

Those countries are known for having many political and social injustices
relative to social status and structural quality. But criticisms of oversight
aren’t reserved for non-Americans. Here in Florida, a tall building
spontaneously collapsed recently (non-earthquake related) killing its many

Of course, many such examples exist from time immemorial. Constructing
buildings in earthquake prone areas or too close to waterways invites an eventual
inevitable. The world population has grown so with people just about everywhere
that we’re all vulnerable to natural disasters.

One worries about a newborn baby girl who has become the face of earthquake
disaster and rescue. Her life will start in an orphanage, and her future may be
politically determined. It’s a situation a clever author could pick up and spin
into a novel.

Dear Friends: No too-distant lands and politics exist, all is personal for
everybody. Diana

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