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Sunday, February 12, 2023

Happy Super Bowl Day!

Yesterday, that upcoming game bounced around in Home Depot, a hot topic among employees and store customers. What struck me was that, like the customers there to socialize their dogs, others seemed focused on wanting to discuss the game. Well, loosely “discuss” because one’s favorite team should win.

Speaking of dogs, I met a couple of wing-dings there. Yesterday, a fellow with Tibetan Terrier in his cart stopped and chatted with me. I’d never in person met a TT, an adorable breed that always scores high in major dog shows.

That gentleman used his phone to introduce an associated giant breed, the Tibetan Mastiff. A total “Wow!

An hour later, a woman showed up with a mature Newfoundland, gorgeous and beautifully groomed.

My work at Home Depot offers the best parts of my former Wilco job. I can meet pets, talk with owners and learn about breeds. I can hand out treats and enjoy myself–and adopting isn’t an option!

Four hours daily are absolutely perfect. Like today, I’ll be able to get home with enough time to feed my outside gang before the Super Bowl starts. Go, Chiefs!

Dear Friends: No surprise, I’m still adopting by bringing home various plants. Diana

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