Friday, February 24, 2023

Thanks, friends, for sending well wishes. This morning I feel much better. Tomorrow, my cold might be misery past.

I slept most of yesterday while it snowed, and this morning through a window am estimating six inches. I was aware of snow falling, for periodically awakening and having to trudge outside to feed animals. The horses were blanketed in snow and stomping eagerly for hay. The goat and the chickens were hiding in their shelters. Because of my cold, it was difficult to breathe in a slight, but freezing, wind. I bolstered both my courage and sense of well-being, by reminding myself of having managed to feed my horses back in the very worst time while I was on chemo.

In the depths of my misery, upon each awakening, I sensed having slept motionlessly and dreamlessly. That probably allowed my immune system to work uninterruptedly. While I know that the brain and body interact by design, in my very deepest sense, they do so magically. Our “little kid” ideas don’t desert us.

Today, instead of driving to the DVM to correct a vehicle license issue, I’ll stay home. To clean, feed, and stay warm.

Dear Friends: I’ll search for my facemask stash, and re-start wearing one in public. Diana

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