Planting & Growing


Tuesday, March 07, 2023

Yesterday, I worked at HD for four hours. I spent most of that time watering the store’s inside plants. I’m looking for the best ways to water there. For instance, I climb onto a ladder to water high-hanging plants. This pattern can consume nearly three hours, offering an escape from appearing busy.

All this area’s Garden Departments are in the lull before a spring storm–the arrival of live plants. Of course, planting folks are eager for their appearances. Once that happens, my department will be busy for months.

Many people in this unpredictable weather-belt area spring plant too early. They’re often disappointed when new snow and bitterly cold weather suddenly kill sprouts. Of course, local realists anticipate early-planted failures. Nevertheless, there’s a focused determination among folks willing to get up and replant in another new start.

I’m no intrepid planter, but I bring home young plants. Unfortunately, my gardens don’t achieve bragging quality; but with customers’ input this season, maybe I will improve my methods.

Recently, I purchased a battery-driven tiller for stirring up my planting areas. Besides needing the stirring, I love having battery-driven equipment.

To that end, I am slowly replacing all my existing gas engine machines. Unfortunately, my track record for firing-up gas engines isn’t good, so I can’t resist the specialness of buying into “just getting going” at the push of a button.

Dear Friends: My day off today includes planning another risky spring garden. Diana

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