Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Today is my final day off in a lovely string of three days of not having to work. I’ve reserved this morning to take tax-related documents to my preparer in Redmond. While there, I may visit a few favorites: Oregon Feed, Super Walmart, and Bi-Mart. I could visit some of them here, but I enjoy checking out the Redmond stores.

Yesterday, I cranked up the tractor for the first time after a couple of years. Its engine started immediately, and the machine handled all I asked. High on my list was removing several heavy concrete pieces that forever have seemed unmovable. After that, I used the tractor to redistribute accumulated winter-frozen horse muck; this warmer weather has softened the dry lot. Overall, my property began looking much better. That inspired me to consider cleaning even more and planting flowers.

That work happened to occur on the calendar’s official “first day of spring.” A surprise that I didn’t tune into before completing all the work. So, all the focus and accomplishments were serendipitous!

Tomorrow’s return to work has me showing up at 6 a.m.: the pits!

Dear Friends: The sun, shining early, indicates that today will be beautiful. Diana

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