Home Run

Thursday, March 23, 2023

Yesterday, while I was working part-time at Home Depot, I received a “Homer Award” and learned that’s a big deal.

That day, I had clocked in at work at 6 a.m. Having learned the store’s routines, I stayed busy until 7 a.m., until HD’s daily team meeting started. During that meeting, the store’s assistant manager spoke of numbers, goals, and changes ahead. Meanwhile, I wondered why he didn’t include some direct sales training. I’m an occasional customer in the store and have seen missed sales opportunities from inadequate staff training. After the meeting, I took a deep breath and approached the manager.

I asked why sales staff weren’t receiving direct sales training, and explained some of my own customer-oriented expectations and failed sales opportunities. He didn’t interrupt but listened, and he heard me. Then, he explained the store’s structure, sales trends, and leadership in HD’s larger territory. He spoke of ways HD attempts to improve staff performance. Above all, he said how well he appreciated my observations and feedback. He encouraged me to speak similarly among my co-workers. When we parted, I felt good that he had listened, heard, and cared.

Later in the morning, that manager appeared in the aisle where I was working. He said that my name often has come up as an impressive employee. He added that my observations and caring were worthy of a Homer Award. Another person was working in that aisle and applauded. She told the manager that early on I had questioned her about details of her job, and said such questioning is unusual. The entire feedback in that aisle surprised me.

I’ve had several part-time jobs over the last year. Yesterday, for the first time, I really felt proud, and essentially became unplugged. On returning to my work, I greeted customers more enthusiastically and worked harder to assist them. I am eager to increase our sales. Besides supporting me, HD notices my efforts.

I tracked down the coworker who had witnessed my Homer Award. She explained how I could respond to that manager’s kindness by filling out an HD feedback card, detailing what had occurred and why it was good. I completed a card, handed it to him, and he was pleased. He pinned that card onto the store’s big feedback board.

Today, I’m eager to return to work. I am looking forward to greeting customers and practicing ways to support the store’s goals and objectives.

Dear Friends: Finally, genuine support for my sales knowledge, in today’s working environment. Diana

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