Birthday Gal

Friday, May 26, 2023

Regardless of how much I wish to ignore my birthdays, some friends remember the day. I tried keeping yesterday on the ordinary side receiving greetings felt good. Good gravy, even the HD people were telling me Happy Birthday. It felt good to be getting rid of the Garden watering job.

What didn’t feel good was suffering the aftereffects of a root canal. My jaw throbbed all of yesterday afternoon and kept me mostly awake and unhappy last night. Today it’s less awful, but since I’m starting a new role in HDm, it’s wise not to call in sick. So ibuprofen, here I come.

Last evening, I was in the process of self-medicating with vodka when one of my longest-time friends, Linda, called. We’ve talked infrequently since she moved to California a few years ago. Catching up again not only felt good but engaged my brain enough to refocus it away from the painful jaw.

Long ago, Linda became my mentor. She pushed me hard to go to school, and I did, because saying no to Linda was and still is useless. She was correct in that I benefitted from learning and achieved a careet beyond my wildest dreams. She ultimately was key to my decision to move to Central Oregon. Here, we often met over lunch or dinner to share mutual ideas and interests. When she moved away, our irreplaceable heart-to-heart discussions became few and last night’s conversation was sweet.

More about all this later, because I’m due in Tools very soon. More early mornings!

Dear Friends: I value you all, and here’s a global thanks for remembering my birthday. Diana

2 thoughts on “Birthday Gal

  1. Belated birthday greetings from the road. You are a much beloved friend. 🥰

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