Hello Spring

Ready to Climb

Sunday, April 07, 2019

The flowers have arrived in stores and perfect timing for starter plants, appealingly fresh and beckoning. These days with slow rains have made our soils perfect for digging and planting. Unable to resist, I have several pots of young plants set out and soaking-in the overcast damp environment. My problem with putting them into the ground is figuring out where to plant in this rocky landscape. Some plants could continue in pots, living on the deck, but others like Clematis have special needs.

Unable to resist, I’m again carried away. Several years ago, I brought home several starter fruit trees–young, beautiful plants–and worked hard to dig spots, set trees into the ground, and top their newly covered roots with moisture-preserving hay. The healthy trees grew strong. On their outstretched limbs beautiful leaves waved, encouraging my fantasies of a future with homegrown pears, apples, and peaches. That is, until the morning I ambled outside and with sleepy eyes found, that in the night, passing deer had stripped bare those young, unfenced trees. Right then, decision time: No more baby plants!

So, here we go again. A spring habit of purchasing plants is an offshoot of life in a high dry rocky environment where spring arrives slowly and in patches. Folks around here looking for typical signs of spring, like sprouting flowers and re-leafing deciduous trees, buy plantings to speed things up–but we co-exist with wildlife, a serious consideration. In my local area, it’s migrating deer that mostly keep folks on their toes about what to plant and where.

Too little color

I’ll figure out how best to preserve and enjoy these new plants. They appear beautifully fresh and alive against our still-drab backdrop. Right here, it’s all lava rock and wet juniper bark. Okay, maybe these will be short lived sparks of light, but meanwhile color, and hallelujah!

Dear Friends, have a wonderful day. Diana

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