Wet & Wonderful Outing

Barn One, wet with popping colors

Monday, April 08, 2019

Another rainy day, one of slow, steady drops, and I grasped the opportunity to go outside and capture how dampness changes the looks of things. The “things” in my mind were structures–old neighborhood sheds. Their ancient woods, long dried bare, change during actively wet weather by assuming color variations. These changes from past coatings that arise draw new attention to buildings otherwise generally ignored.

I intended to photograph several structures that I thought might be on the verge of destruction, but managed to capture only two. While standing in rain near each, I noticed that their surrounding terrains seemed less weedy and unkempt. The land surrounding of old Barn One, just up the road on a property that until recently supported some cattle, partially has been cleared and might soon be for sale.

Run-in Shed, located near Barn One

Barn Two, on a long-deserted farm further away has for many years stood untouched. Now, its land, partially cleared, perhaps is in a situation similar to Barn One. This small city greatly needs space available for building new homes (often referred to as “affordable housing”–whatever that means vis a vis high purchase prices). Barns One and Two each stand on ten acres or more. Today’s legal small lot sizes would allow for building hundreds of new homes, complete with teeny-tiny yards, where each now-lonely barn stands.

Barn Two on recently-cleared land

Besides hoping to capture color variations, I wanted pictures of the buildings themselves as relics of this area’s rural history. Through my relatively few years here, this once sleepy community has grown and changed dramatically. Yesterday, my sense of urgency seemed driven by the larger alterations of status quo as much as by weather and colors.

The rain proved too much for my unprotected camera which became argumentative while adjusting to distances. I managed to finagle a long shot for “a look of the day”, and it turned out to be right on. The weather that was too dreary to capture all my planned visions yielded cherished memorabilia.

Cloudless, damp north view, from slightly east of Barn One

Dear Readers, thanks for coming along and enjoying yesterday with me. Diana

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