Views From Sea Level

Roiling Overhead

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

After our rains quit yesterday afternoon, the sun came out, and I went into the lovely late day to feed horses. But overhead, massive clouds that dramatically blocked out the mountain range made me feel like hurrying back inside, to grab brushes and watercolors and try capturing the sky’s intensity. Of course, not knowing a thing about using watercolors, I went to get a camera.

The sky’s intensity captivated, with clouds rolling in like a tsunami.

Tsunami, with peeping sunlight behind & Canada Geese in upper right

The covering clouds locked in cold weather below, and I wore a winter jacket.

From the highest spot on my property, like the view from an airplane at 50K feet

My camera managed to catch a sense of the great strength and drama, but unfortunately, not enough of the integrated subtle colors.


My sister who lived for many years in Nevada liked to say, “There’s no sky like a Nevada sky,” and I agree. That area’s clear desert sky can seem nearly like a second ceiling, it’s comforting and beautiful. Here in Oregon, the sky is an active storyteller, a spoiler for incoming weather, a spiller-of-the-beans, and also sometimes, a placid and enlightening extension of what’s over Nevada.

This overhead drama nudges me to set aside casual projects, and instead start playing with watercolors.

Dear Friends, have a wonderful day. Diana

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