Catching Up Over Coffee

Thursday, April 11, 2019

A casual friend I’d not seen in a while came shopping at Costco on a day I worked there. She’s politically savvy, and I’d been thinking about her, wondering how she views our particularly dynamic environment. Besides, she’s a person kind and considerate whom I enjoy. We agreed to meet for coffee and catch up.

She’s a native of Salem, Oregon, went to college in California, became a social worker and spent most of her adult life in Alaska, while married to an attorney and raising children. Several years ago she and her husband retired to Bend. This is a sketch of her life–informed by education, geography, sociology, and experience–and the story of one who has gained wisdom and patience.

We shared political perspectives. Some of her observations felt surprising, but were thoughtful and current, informed by immense challenges in today’s public leadership. She’s open to learning more, assured that the future will expand her ideas. Where we didn’t see eye-to-eye, we listened and respected one another, and in political discussions that’s a win-win.

People who think in similar ways often are open to sharing some of their histories. My friend explained some of the sociological aspects of life in Alaska, and I associated her observations to my own past visits to a dear friend who for many years resided in Arizona’s Navajo Nation.

It’s refreshing how an hour or so over cups of coffee gives folks opportunities to learn more about each other. And it’s reassuring that no matter how many variances may exist among individual life stories, we all share similar desires, to strive, achieve, gain a philosophy, and cherish.

Dear Friends, have a wonderful day. Diana

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