Under A Summer Sky

Thursday, May 16, 2019

I usually study what’s overhead: the sky, birds, mountain tops; or at ground level, animals, buildings, fences. Since finding an app that identifies plants, I’ve been looking low and around my property, and usually where my feet are placed, for tiny sprouts. I’ve discovered more identifiable wildlife than my novice self ever could have imagined.

It’s evident from the above views that quick glances might not capture the jewels hidden among rocks and grasses. I went out and tiptoed, looked carefully, and found bunches of little lovelies that my app immediately identified. Once it was clear that these plants had names and histories, I couldn’t bear thoughts of trampling, mowing, or heaven forbid spraying.

Those above were in one general area. By walking around and looking carefully, I found many more types of plants. Some were on their way to blooming and others seemed rather spent.

There were additional plants that I didn’t capture on a downloadable camera. Those were tiny growths on ancient lava rocks and lots of mosses. But I’ll go outside again with an appropriate camera and with my identifier app. Experience is the best teacher, and now, I know how to find, photograph, and identify these courageous, alive pop-ups.

My neighbor, Frank, whose property is larger than mine, once explained that by using appropriate software, he had made an official count of his trees, finding some 400-plus. In those days, I couldn’t see much advantage in counting my trees, but maybe I’m moving in that direction.

Dear Readers, how these little discoveries can make my blood pulse! Diana

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