The Art Of Talking

Worthy Brewery’s “Forget Me Nots”
(photo by Elaine La Rochelle)

Friday, May 17, 2019

A long-time friend and I met up at Worthy’s, for a beer and a burger, and to exchange perspectives on current politics. We’re of similar minds politically, which held true this time and gave us lots to talk about. I won’t bore anybody by trying to explain our politics, except to say that sometimes ya just gotta let it all hang out. And we did, our words tumbling rapidly.

There’s lots good about friendship. Years ago, we worked together as sample servers in Costco, before she decided to quit and enjoy more family time. What’s held, even from our Costco days and our briefest conversations, is that we see eye-to-eye on macro and political situations. In this country to my mind, particularly after 2001, citizens have witnessed increasing social and political havoc. Even living in a small community away from the biggest mainstreams, I feel impacted by the larger economy and try to follow the overarching politics.

Take 2008, when the housing market dropped more suddenly than one could blink. For many of us, the value of our homes fell to amounts far less than we were obligated to pay for them. Like others, I stayed low hoping for the best during the five years it took this nation to dig out of that failed-housing ditch. Take 2018, from October through December, when the American stock market lost a hugely significant portion of its wealth. My funds sunk along with those of others, as rapidly as our home values had sunk ten years earlier.

We’ve luckily experienced economic corrections while managing financially to hang on through the worst. In these days, my economic worries are renewing in light of loosening lending restrictions, for example, on banks for home buyer loans. Such emerging worries aren’t fodder for conversations, unless between friends sharing points of view.

My friend and I lunched and talked, without resolving concerns; but the activity of talking without much self-monitoring releases the pressures of internalized thoughts and feelings. This made discussing such fun that we’re planning another lunch soon.

Dear Friends, the “Forget Me Nots” suggest a past, maybe sweeter and slower. Diana

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