Big Effort, Bigger Fun

Ready to rumble

Saturday, May 18, 2019

On an earlier and much warmer May day, my visiting friend, Elaine, accompanied the horses and me across the mountains for sessions with Megan, our driving trainer. Elaine has known and helped to train both my horses since they were fillies. I was happy she would see how they’re currently being worked with. Rosie is in rehab from an old injury, and Sunni recently has been trained for driving. We’re joined by my sweet donkey, Pimmy. She baby-sits whichever horse is left at the trailer to wait patiently while the other takes a turn with our trainer.

We first worked with Rosie, a highly trained and capable driving horse whose gaits are a little off from an old injury that has unbalanced her hips. We’re working to correct this with a veterinarian chiropractor who specializes in sport horses. He wants Rosie exercised regularly to strengthen and realign her hips. Our trainer has helped me learn to use long-lines to exercise the mare.

Megan (with her cat) observes Rosie’s strength in trotting, and directs my handling

Megan was pleased with Rosie’s progress and had me practice handling the ropes in ways more advanced than simply circling the horse. I learned that the ropes can substitute for verbal commands, and ahead, see more to accomplish with them. Although soon, we’ll probably start hitching Rosie, I’m hoping for more of Megan’s instruction with long-lines.

Next, we turned our attention to Sunni, which meant hitching and driving her. Elaine’s always handy camera captured nice in-action video of this pony–providing visuals that show how much routine driving has strengthened Sunni and improved her balance.

Sunni in action

Each time I drive her–Oh, what a wonderful pony!

Dear Friends, horses require so much work, and can be so much fun. Diana

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