Summer’s Sights & Wishes

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Once the days turn long and sunny like now, approaching the Summer Solstice, for certain we at last know summer has arrived. There are tons of potential images that in mood and spirit capture beautifully these warm days. The season’s all about folks hanging out, getting together, participating in sports, and maybe at day’s end popping icy drinks.

Shady spaces invite us out of summer’s heat and some structures don’t look greatly difficult. It’s easy to imagine creating similar shade one’s own property. On mine, I have a mental vision of sitting in shade near the barn. That would make it comfortable and easy to hang out watching the horses as they’re hanging out.

Since summer isn’t an “alone time”, there are lots of activities designed to draw folks out into the open into “mingling spots”. Folks with pets become drawn to events, that by including animals beckon mightily, like parades.

There’s an amazing variety of available scenes to illustrate summer specifically. Consider an “old fishing hole”, a lovely garden, or window scenes from vehicle travels, a child’s swing hanging from a tall limb and drifting in light breezes, and sleek yearlings as they graze and laze.

Here on the high desert, choosing what to do from hour to hour is highly dependent on weather. This environment mostly is cool with a relative few really hot days. After a long winter, it’s a great relief to feel on oneself the sun’s heat and reassurance of another warm season. We welcome all that summer represents.

Hard work deserves a mention. Summer is a catch up time for maintenance chores, always in plenty. This essay could incorporate other kinds of highly visible summer scenes, like fencing issues, weeds taking over open spaces, rocks big enough to impede passage, and foot trails needing improvements. Suffice it to say that by winter every essential adjustment will have been made.

We folks love to look around and imagine, and equally to be outside enjoying a welcoming season, but we also recognize and acknowledge needs for hard work. We with properties both large and small, find many of our summer hours filled to the brim. At day’s ending, we salute summer, and any and all accomplishments.

Dear Friends, on any day, writing a blog represents a “pleasure spot”. Diana

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