Driving Miss Rosie

Rosie in cross-ties

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The progress Rosie and I are making as a driving team is progressing beyond my early hopes. She’s a handful of horse, can be reactive, and I’m a relatively new driver. It’s taken courage to ask her to pull a cart–with me in it–out on the streets. But we’re doing it!

Yesterday, Rosie trotted a mile on neighborhood streets. We had to go past an asphalt crew using a noisy sprayer and she didn’t like it, but as asked continued forward. She was moving along nicely when I heard an unusual pop and could feel something suddenly wrong with the cart. Rosie stopped on command, and waited, while I tried to figure out the problem. It turned out that a bolt suddenly had sheared, releasing a tie-down that keeps the cart from rocking. So we headed home, with Rosie trotting and me sittin’ n’ rockin’.

It’s been many years since Rosie was asked to be a driving horse, and she’s stepping up to the plate. We’ve done lots of preliminary work. We’ve long-lined for weeks, harnessed her and circled almost endlessly in the dry lot, and taken baby steps in going out to the street in front of my house. Yesterday, I’d have asked her to trot the same three miles that Sunni routinely covers, but we had to quit. Cart problems aside, Rosie was a delight.

We’re on our way over the hills today for more lessons with our topnotch trainer.

Dear Friends, Now, I can say with confidence that Rosie’s gonna rock it! Diana

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