Daisies & Orchardgrass & Sweat

Thursday, June 13, 2019

En route to Lebanon for sessions with our driving trainer, I usually pause near Sweet Home, to enjoy a few minutes at Foster Lake, where this time, I stumbled upon an almost hidden path leading down to the water. There I found another path and felt my way along, until standing next to the water, I looked around. One feels tiny among the tall stalks of sunflowers, orchard grass, and blackberry bushes. Many times I’ve stood and admired Foster Lake without noticing a footpath that allows one closer to the water.

Water is magical and I found myself enjoying rare tranquility. The only interruptions to this unexpected peacefulness were a speedboat, and overhead, a Raven carrying food for its young.

I worked my way back to the rig and continued to Lebanon where I unloading the horses and lead them to an overgrown area to let them graze awhile. I was delighted to find us literally wading in orchard grasses, plentiful and tall, like those surrounding Foster Lake. The horses pigged-out on it.

Afterwards, each horse had a strenuous training session, and then, received well-deserved baths. Our trainer points out that Sunni’s in such good condition, she barely sweats. On the other hand, Rosie emerged from training a foamy mess. After baths they were pretty again.

Each training event clarifies better to me one or more elements of handling the driving reins. Yesterday, what got through is how much driving effectively is about “feeling a horse” through the reins. In other words, noticing if a horse “drops” the bit or “is seeking” direction. Driving is a complex and subtle process. Mastering it could heighten the overall experience by tons, for driver and horse alike.

Dear Friends, A hot, sunny day in the Valley, and home again to an after-rain. Diana

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