Hello! To Stella

Perched on a brussel sprout

Monday, June 24, 2019

I have promised myself to avoid taking on new critters. Those with me need appropriate “time with mom” and it’s a stretch to pay them enough attention. The problem is that my time is taken by exercising two athletic horses. The horses used to facilitate my activities with dogs–they ran alongside on horseback trails. Now I’m in a vehicle, driving the horses, and my dogs don’t know to avoid wheels. I must take time to play with my Cockatoo, Peaches, or otherwise, he’d never shut up. My cat Maxwell is independent; and Gilbert, my rescued racing pigeon, is happy without much handling.

Recently, on hearing that a young canary, named Stella, needed a home, how could I resist? I love and have experience with domestic birds, so could adding a tiny bird make much difference? And, isn’t she a pretty one!

A hand-raised chick, Stella wasn’t handled frequently and tries to avoid captures, but yields once in hand–and so tiny! She’s much lighter than my other birds. What’s happening is that I want to work with her, have her accustomed to being captured and held, and develop whatever’s possible beyond the basics.

She’s a charmer, alert, fun to watch, and curious about everything. She could be more than cute eye candy. I’ll be on a quest to understand more the species from aficionados. A place to start is YouTube, with videos introducing canaries, showing those trained or how to train, and elaborating on the bird’s potential and maintenance.

Stella at one year old could live another 15 years! We’ll begin knowing how much there is to love about canaries as this new relationship evolves.

Dear Friends, Birds are commitments–learning experiences and lots of fun. Diana

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