Hypocrisy & Balloons

For sale in Costco

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Reader friends, you’re aware that I work part-time in our local Costco as a sample-server. This is the week leading up to July 4, and the store is super busy. I’ve been called in to work more days than usual. Upon entering the store, I’ve been attracted to a highly visible display of balloons for sale. Our little city in Central Oregon is surrounded by lakes, and right now also is loaded with tourists. Daily, those those balloon packages in customers’ shopping carts have passed my sample stations.

We’re learning much about discarded plastics, how they forever can clog our waterways. On social media, photo after photo turns up showing beached wales, dead or dying from stomachs full of balloons and other plastics. An entire industry is springing up around trying to clean the ocean of plastic debris. There’s a growing public movement against using plastics.

We sample servers are led to understand that Costco has a new policy of “no plastics”, at least to an extent affecting our business of offering food samples. The word coming down is that we’re to avoid setting out plastic utensils with samples, unless there’s an absolute necessity for a utensil to facilitate swallowing food. We sample servers are trying to sort this out in relation to food products.

If what our managers are saying is accurate, that “no more plastics” is a new Costco policy, what’s the deal with the store selling plastic balloons? Even if our manager is somewhat mistaken about this no-plastics policy, what’s right about Costco selling bunches of balloons?

The packaged BunchOBalloons are easy-fill, and according to their promo burbs, bunches at once can be filled. Hey, it’s easy, lots of fun! And folks, think about it, lots of pollution, dangerous enough to spoil waters and destroy wildlife.

Every year as we approach the upcoming holiday, I’m unhappy about related merchandise, namely explosives. Even the minor ones, like sparklers, can cause injuries and start fires. And nearly all the noises from firecrackers and rockets terrify pets.

But merchandise like these balloons probably are the worst, for we’re learning about the damages that plastics are capable of doing. And that it’s a material that doesn’t naturally dissipate and disappear from public waters and spaces.

Dear Friends, Products and marketing changes are necessary for health’s sake. Diana

2 thoughts on “Hypocrisy & Balloons

  1. I totally agree with you. thanks for bringing this up to your readers. This might prevent someone from buying this hazardous product👍

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  2. Yep. Agree. Balloons are unnecessary & bad for wildlife, among other. BTW, my pet peeve has to do with the plastic “clamshells.” Even where there were more opportunities for recycling in general, it was almost impossible to find a place that recycled “clamshells.” Am looking forward to the time when Costco puts cookies & bakery bars in cardboard. (Again?)


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