Creating A Princess

Janet & Katherine readying Pimmy

Thursday, July 04, 2019

My 18-year-old donkey, Pimmy, is happiest hanging out with her family of horses. Occasionally, when Pimmy must go to work, that’s a challenge–for she loves rolling in dirt, and her bear-hair of a coat traps everything. Well, she had to be readied for today’s Pet Parade through downtown Bend, and thankfully, we had the best imaginable help to save the day.

Yesterday, my very creative friends, Janet and her daughter Katherine, came and took over. They brought bits of red, white, and blue, with thread, cutters, hot glue, and whatever, and combined them with my gatherings from a craft store. They arrived just as I was readying Rosie for a workout on the streets. While Rosie and I were away, Janet and Katherine handled the big job of cleaning Pimmy (challenging without hot water at the barn and not wanting to cold-bathe). About 15 minutes later, when Rosie brought me back, they actually had managed to turn Pimmy shiny.

This experienced design team continued working by knitting together various pieces of costume. They managed to incorporate my vision for an outcome with theirs and created delightful eye-candy.

Costume in progress

Early today when Janet arrives, we’ll load the donkey and her finished costume before heading downtown and looking for parking. After Pimmy is adorned, she, Janet, and I will join the parade horses at their staging area. We’ll then march among a bunch of big equines, with Pimmy an adorable standout.

Dear Readers, if you attend the Parade and spot Pimmy, come march with us! Diana

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