Princess Pimmy

Friday, July 05, 2019

We didn’t win anything, but if cheers, complements, and lots of applause for Pimmy and her costume count, she was a Pet Parade champ. Everywhere, folks (adults and kids alike) wanted to photograph, touch her. After the parade, we strolled through Drake Park and excited kids got to sit on Pimmy for their picture-taking parents.

Our friend Janet, who (with her daughter Katherine) designed Pimmy’s costume, came early to help get Pimmy downtown for the event. After we found parking, Janet was organized and in almost no-time had Pimmy arrayed and ready to march.

The Parade route was packed with an estimated 10,000 watchers, crowded and noisy. Janet cleared the way, guiding us while promoting, “Pimmy for President!”

Through the long walk, Pimmy was sweet, cooperative, and gentle with people wishing to touch and photograph her.

Kids crowded around. Their folks took pictures.

After the Parade, Pimmy joined the throngs moving from downtown to Drake Park several blocks away, where the holiday celebration continued.

Some very excited children got to sit on Pimmy for pictures. An adult family member had to lift a kid on, standing beside and holding the child, while another adult took a photograph. Through all, adults and children were thrilled.

And there were folks wanting to take selfies with Pimmy.

Our little group came home totally worn out. But here’s the big thing about participating in an event like the Pet Parade, for everyone, it’s a real smile the whole way.

Dear Friends: Saw some of you there and thanks for cheering us on! Diana

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