Driving & Dreaming

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

The photo above hints at where I’m going today and what I’ll be doing. It’s from a previous training day in Lebanon. Today again, I’ll be in Lebanon driving this horse, Sunni, and preparing for a clinic to be held there next week. Very exciting, and so, we’ll soon be off for an early start.

Today, I’ll take both horses as each needs tuning-up. Well okay, in both cases, it’s me that needs tuning-up. There’s much to learn about driving a horse in order to do it really well. I’m hoping this for myself, especially after making commitments to enter two shows next summer. At this point, I’m planning to show only Sunni, but who knows, maybe Rosie will get into the game, too.

Dear Friends: Good morning to everyone…chat again tomorrow. Diana

One thought on “Driving & Dreaming

  1. This is a darling photo of you and Sunni. I hope your session today went well. I have gone to a mind boggling number of clinics in the past. Often got conflicting and overwhelming feedback. I learned to just sift through it all to use what worked for that specific horse and me. And now I understand myself and Ducky pretty well so we just enjoy each other. Feels comfortable and safe. I do admire your progress and enthusiasm 🐎😊❤️

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