Thursday, August 22, 2019

Yesterday, I took my horses to the Valley for sessions with our trainer, Megan, and got caught in a huge rainstorm. The rain held off during my drive through Deadwood Canyon, but began as I reached Sweet Home. I paused driving and the rain dropped lightly as I approached Bi-Mart’s entry door. Soon afterwards, emerging with a couple bags of feed supplement, I got very wet. I checked the horses and how they were handling the weather, stuffed purchases into my truck and jumped inside to continue to Lebanon.

My few experiences with Valley rains have taught that most strike in soaking deluges. Yesterday’s rain really hit in Lebanon as Megan and I began working with Rosie. The mare seemed suddenly to notice something worrisome about nearby trees (Megan guessed roosting wild turkeys) that made her want to escape the outside arena. That session became excellent, for I had to keep Rosie moving forward and respond to all my instructions. Megan directed me to keep the horse circling properly, occasionally changing direction, and maintaining a steady pace.

These efforts were hard for Rosie and me until she calmed, when we moved into a covered arena to continue working. Poor Rosie, more circling and with my now-heavier hands on her reins. In contrast, afterwards while working with Sunni, my efforts were less strenuous as she’s a calm, willing mare. While I love driving Sunni, I’m also grateful for Rosie who forces me to learn more than I’d ever need to know for Sunni.

Next week, Sunni and I will participate in two driving sessions with assistance from an outside expert at a clinic Megan will host. Meanwhile, I’ll continue practicing newly adjusted handling techniques with Rosie. This summer, after many years of not being driven, Rosie is shaping up encouragingly. She’ll continue getting more into shape physically and mentally and will help me become a better driver.

Dear Friends: There’s no stopping, future is about forward motion. Diana

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