Energizing Weather

Friday, August 23, 2019

It’s almost pumpkin time! Hard to believe that summer is ending, and now a big shift to fall. Already in Costco we’re seeing shelves of ski gloves, racks filled with Halloween costumes, and everyday wearing apparel for adults and kids reinforced with cold weather fabrics. The next big shift in Costco’s merchandising will sneak in around late November with price reductions on Christmas items along with an influx of bathing suits.

Thinking about these make me aware of my own shifting toward a new season. This seems almost unconscious. For starters, my hay is in–a biggie! I’m beginning to have motorized equipment tuned up, checked to ensure that maintenance equipment and snowblower engines readily start-up and are winterized properly. None of this is written as a list or calendared, it’s now simply occurring toward the end of August, as happens annually.

A seasonal change doesn’t affect only commerce and humans, for critters noticeably are preparing, too. I see mama hummingbirds teaching fledged babies to find food, including frequent parkings at my feeders for nutritious juices. The resident Ravens remain a noisy and close family, but this year’s babies have grown very independent. There are fewer calls from Mountain Chickadees, as these cuties might have begun moving on. Soon, the Robin population will decrease as a portion of them migrate to alternate locations.

Big on my mind is cleaning up whatever I don’t want to become buried in snow or still around to greet me next spring. I’ll hook up a utility wagon and fill it with pulled weeds or unwanted rocks that cause stumbles on pathways. Oh, so much to do!

And we still have plenty of time while heading toward the loveliest time of the year. The next 2-1/2 months will bring fine weather with changing colors and full moons. It’s perfect for horse- and dog-related activities. Although our daylight will become shorter, there’s plenty of time to finish winterizing before we start to hunker against the coldest portion.

The grasses will die while standing tall and be perfect for no weight gain, also ideal for horses. I’ll lead mine down the road almost daily to give them hours of grazing on a generous neighbor’s dormant pasture. Yes, the changing season is upon us.

Dear Friends: Don’t you feel a renewal of energy in these changing days! Diana

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