Water Troughing

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Recently, my big chore was to drain, clean, and refill a couple of 75-gallon water troughs. The worst thing about this is the anticipating. The job feels too big, too wet, too long and tiring. Actually, everything can go quickly (well, faster than I imagine), and yes, it’s a self-wetting process. Oh yes, there are trough goldfish that must be captured, saved, and after a water change allowed to swim.

I recall longingly a time not long ago when great help was available from the Bomke kids. They happened to be visiting, were eager to help capture the fish, and simply took over. The whole cleaning job zoomed and my one responsibility was to watch the action. I’ve been searching for a photo I have of them, with heads down in the troughs and legs sticking up into the air, while they tried to spot a fish. But alas, that fun photo is hiding somewhere.

There will be other opportunities to bring forward that photo for trough cleaning must happen frequently. At least, at this moment, current needs are met. By the way, for this cleaning I took to heart a hint from the internet and added apple cider vinegar to the water. This vinegar is supposed to help control algae and mosquitoes without harming fish. The horses, and even water-particular Pimmy, seem to enjoy drinking it.

Dear Readers: Every chore has upsides along with the relief of finishing it. Diana

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