Shoes For The Job

Friday, September 13, 2019

Today, this is brief. Our farrier is coming early enough to interrupt the horses during their morning feed. The farrier spends his time working in Bishop, CA, and in Bend. This time, he’s nearly two weeks late because his transmission broke down. He had to wait someplace in CA for it to be rebuilt.

Meanwhile, Rosie has thrown a shoe while being driven and as a result is grounded from activities other than standing around. I also worry about Sunni’s shoes, now too old and the metal too thin but still attached. It’ll be a relief this morning when he arrives.

This guy’s an artist. He’s so experienced that by watching a horse move, he can gather how each hoof lands and understand what corrections are necessary. He works the old fashioned way by heating up metal and pounding it, creating custom shoes for individual hooves. For example, if a horse’s raised hind hoof tends to land on ground on its outside, he will build up that shoe’s outside rim to let the hoof land evenly.

My horses are driven on paved roads in this quiet neighborhood. For this reason, our farrier adds, between the hooves and shoes, special pads. These pads are designed to absorb landing shocks, and hopefully, cushion the horse’s joints.

I never dreamed there would be a necessity for this sort of expertise in my life with horses, but if one expects a horse to be athletic and perform optimally, a capable farrier is a critical need on the road toward success. Not to mention how much money for stocking in an amount of hay the working horse must consume, but that’s another story.

Dear Readers: Hooves are very complex structures and must be kept healthy. Diana

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