Real Men, Really Talking

Saturday, September 14, 2019

While having lunch with my long-time friend, Linda, we began discussing how differently the genders tend to process information. In short, men prefer thinking in a linear fashion and women in more circular ways. While we talked, I recalled these phenomena from my career in large corporations as a “communications specialist”. My role was to achieve consensus among groups of people who had to achieve a common goal, and most of all, collaboratively. I learned that men were more highly solutions-oriented than women. The gals typically asked bunches of “what if” questions which stalled the process, and usually, to the group’s common advantage.

I couldn’t have imagined my recent surprise and delight while watching an episode of Anderson Cooper on CNN. During his long interview with Jon Stewart, the two mostly discussed the current political situation, until suddenly, there was a shift.

Cooper’s mother died a few months ago, and though still working effectively, he feels the pain and loss. He mentioned having received a note of condolence from Stewart and asked a question about it. This led to Stewart’s experience of losing his father and two brothers in an airplane crash when he was only nine years old. The two men began discussing how they’ve process feelings of loss and moving toward recovery.

I mean, they really talked! Nothing linear, all circular.

This came toward the end of that interview, lasting some 10 or 15 minutes: two grown men really talking to one another, about feelings and humanity, and in public!

I texted everybody I knew who’d understand and suggested they watch the episode. After my lunch with Linda, as we discussed linear and circular thinking, I thought about inviting others to experience that discussion. Remember, the first portion is about general politics, but als0, worth sitting through.

Here’s the link:

Dear Friends: Regardless of gender, really talking is very special. Diana

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