Captured Moment

Harvest Moon Setting Near Mt. Bachelor

Sunday, September 15, 2019

One reason this is my favorite time of year is because gorgeous Harvest Moons hang in nighttime skies and light up the evenings. The moons feel very near and illuminate my downhill trips to the barn to take care of large animals and my returns to the house.

This is a photograph of a Harvest Moon setting in yesterday’s early morning. I was out feeding horses and on glancing up felt struck by the moon’s silent, still, and to my eyes, perfect position over the Cascades Range. Now that it’s fall, the moon has moved south. Instead of setting over the Three Sisters Mountains, as it does for most of the summer, it’s drawn closer to Mt. Bachelor, our popular ski slope and most-southern local peak.

The visual was almost too-perfect, but my cell phone camera was greatly too-imperfect. In that spectacular opportunity to capture the mountains, moon, and a slightly subdued sky, I kicked myself mentally (again!) for not having a better camera while down at the barn. The truth is, I’ve carried cameras capable of recording in a fine state whatever is worthy, but after long periods when nothing visual seems particularly engaging, I leave behind better equipment–and get stuck using my old cell phone.

Early today, I went outside with a good camera hoping for another opportunity to shoot that setting moon, but this morning is a cloudy one with rain anticipated later. At least, this one image I have of the event does return the original vision to my mind. If only it were possible to create a share for others that thrills as did that real moment of perfect moon, mountains, and weather.

Dear Readers: Please give me an E, for effort. Diana

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