All Through The Night

Jean with Louie & Ranger

Thursday, September 26, 2019

It’s fun having company, at least perhaps for me. Last night as usual, it was necessary to get out of bed a couple of times to let the dogs outside. This means a trip through the house to the living room’s sliding doors, which it happens is next to Peach’s cage. We do this quietly night after night, but this wasn’t so last night.

The dogs fought to get out my bedroom door (normally never closed) and then barked their way through the house. The activity awakened something primitive in Peaches, his screams began before we were halfway toward the sliding door. As the dogs piled against the slider, I tried to open it while the reverberating of that bird’s screams against my ears sent my head into shock.

I could not imagine how my poor visitors might have tried to deal with this racket. Certainly as a guest myself, I’d have been tossed into sleeplessness for the remainder of that night. Perhaps that would have been the best thing, for the dogs and I were destined once-again to get up and out before the ordeal of trying to sleep through that night ended.

Otherwise, things are well. Everybody arrived in Bend safe and sound. Elaine and I managed to heft an item that she wishes to take home loaded onto her trailer. Meanwhile, Jean went to work re-training my horses, they need better ground manners. She also tampered with Pimmy and even made a little training progress.

I’m reminded of how well Jean knows and handles horses, something she’s done lovingly and effecrively all her life. Watching her cut off a piece of rope and fashion a quick halter and put my girls to work was watching capability in action. Jean spoke to Sunni and used her hands to get the horse backing up or walking forward, to voice and touch, helped by that little spontaneous halter Jean had created. Same with Rosie, the princess, who fell right into submission to voice and hands and behaved as asked. Oh, I can learn so much more about my equines during the few days that this wonderful horsewoman is visiting.

Jean on Rosie

For Elaine, this is a working trip and she’ll go to meetings. So today for Jean and me, it’ll mostly be about driving. This morning, we’ll trailer Sunni out for a session of training with a driving expert, and this afternoon we will hitch Rosie and drive in the neighborhood. In between and afterwards, Jean will show me more about working efficiently with equines to improve their ground manners.

Dear Readers: Regardless of how much one knows, there’s always more to learn. Diana

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