Fall Daze

Friday, September 27, 2019

While preparing to load the driving cart and then travel to a trainer’s facility, I discovered that my truck battery was dead, so completely that a starter battery couldn’t kick it back into action. Off went my truck for mechanical diagnosis, while I watched from behind with a phone and apologizing profusely to the driving trainer.

My visitor Jean and I had plenty to do anyway. We worked with the horses. She showed me how to use a length of rope to create a training halter and demonstrated ways to use it appropriately. My horses were responsive, so much so they nearly were unrecognizable. Jean long ago had raised Sunni from a little filly, had trained her, and the mare fell right into step. Rosie, often the resistor, became instant putty in Jean’s hands, looking lots like Sunni and unquestionably responding to the rope and to verbal commands.

Taking lessons

Neither of my horses had been driven for about three days. They needed to be hitched and working. I worry about a possibility that Rosie’s excess energy might interfere with the need to keep her focused while working. But yesterday, handling her was easy and we had a good drive. The same, of course, with my dependable Sunni.

All the photos (except the one of my truck) today are from Elaine’s iPhone. She has an excellent camera eye, and upon arriving here grabbed a beer and walked through the neighborhood, capturing random local fine points.

Jean and I will use much of this day to work on horse training–her particular art. She’ll show me more about using that magic rope. There’s so much knowledge stored in her brain, it’s a mitzvah to to take advantage of what she offers.

Dear Friends: Enjoy this wonderful fall day as it closes in toward October. Diana

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