Chicken Soup Days

Tuesday, October 08, 2019

This must be short and sweet. I’m battle sneezing fits and chronic tiredness. Odd thing, all this began the day after I received this season’s flu shot.

Mostly, my colds start off like one-day wonders and sometimes the symptoms last only one day, but more often they continue and transition into week-long miseries. Early in this one’s stages, it’s struggling about giving-it-up or moving full-blast toward an event.

In this fall season, many Central Oregon afternoons still are warmed nicely by abundant sunshine. According to a friend, who’s portable and anxious to leave the area before it’s really cold, by mid-next-week local temps will drop into the teens. One day prior to that, he’ll pull out and head somewhere around Las Vegas and will meet up with others. I think of them as “turtle folks”, storing their worldly goods in oversized vehicles for making spontaneous moves from one place to another. My friend’s usual route takes him over familiar roads and weather-friendly locations. His job lets him transition to various cities and return to Central Oregon to work during its cool summers.

Our warm afternoons dry-out nasal passages enough for me to continue winterizing. Today, I’ll try to be outside stringing electric wire over horse fencing. Last night, the wind blew heavily, and early today, looking toward the horizon, I could see natural warnings about changes ahead. The mountains are clouded over, the sky looks suspicious.

Dear Friends: Many “turtle folks” love their travels and meet-ups with buddies. Diana

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