Waxing Gibbous Gorgeous

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My fingers feel too stiff to work these keys after failing to thaw adequately while encircling a mug of coffee. Outside, in brrr 20 degrees, I’ve already traveled to the barn and back. No surprise to find the horses’ water troughs iced over, and so, it’s time to drain them and install heating devices. Soon, of great interest for this keeper of horses, the grasses will freeze, which means that my animals may graze to their hearts’ content without gaining weight.

The overcast sky hid this morning’s moonset which made me unhappy. As often happens, I was awake and reading, super early, and saw the moon up high through a bedroom window. There it was, a glowing 3/4 shape, soft and huggable, a photographer’s dream, except for the surrounding too-dark night sky. Maybe the dawn would offer a chance to capture the moonset, but alas no luck. Anyway, sighting it is a pleasant memory.

I began searching high and low for my Kindle and couldn’t find it. Not long ago, it seemed impossible that I’d ever read another book on it, hadn’t used it in years. Maybe I went ahead and tossed it. Anyway, my phone has a Kindle app that’s easy to use. While rumbling around, I found that a little-used tablet also has a working Kindle app. I read from the tablet’s larger screen.

Online reading is working out satisfactorily. I’m finding it possible to read quickly, remain focused, and retain information. As one who’s always cherished print books, I’m surprised, but also feel encouraged to download several more books to read. The Kindle versions are less expensive and arrive in seconds. The downside is that it’s hard to remember what’s in my library when I want to transition to another title. Although one can go to the Amazon Kindle Library and see the titles available, it’s easier and more fun to read the spines of books stacked on a nearby table. Well, I’ll get better at handling Kindle because familiarity with technology does change us.

Oh yeah, as an aside, I understand that computers are getting much faster and more accurate at translating voice to text. Thoughts about this make me wonder if manual handwriting eventually might drift into history–say like, Sanscrit.

Dear Friends: Lopsided moon, frozen fingers, 20-deg thoughts, oh dear. Diana

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