Image Antics

Friday, October 25, 2019

This is a quickie, because I’m late. This morning, I spent lots of time trying to convert photos from my iPhone to my usual editing software, which refuses to recognize iPhone images. In the above close-up of Ranger, I managed to make the transition…and I must forgive myself afterwards for not being able to remember how I made it happen. For so long, I fooled around so much with keyboard commands that after the fact it’s all mush.

But being able to post this image means transfer is doable, I’ll just need more time, but today, the morning blog deadline is upon me. Certainly, there are more editing components that would improve this photo, but that’s for after I figure out the means to transition images.

Today will heat to 70-some degrees again here in Central Oregon. Have a great one.

Dear Friends: Oy vey, change is difficult. Diana

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