Thursday, October 24, 2019

This carriage driving season is over until next spring. Now, my attention may return to this household’s somewhat neglected animals–four hopeful dogs and Peaches, my demanding Cockatoo. These critters, needing lots of play-time and attention, may receive more when keeping athletic horses in top condition is less demanding. From here on, for several months the horses may go soft.

It’s going become the opposite for my dogs, no more being soft! Yesterday, they got to go and fly into action on BLM. We’ll will this several times weekly unless a big snow makes it too hard for me to stay with the action. Yesterday, readying to leave home and after the dogs had loaded-up, I found eager beings in my space.

Each dog has a unique personality. In the above photo, my “blue” Border Collie, Miles, an independent fellow, is difficult to photograph. He loves running fast and often is out of sight among bushes, but always knows where to find the rest of us. In the driver’s seat is Osix, a quirky little Border Collie mix. She tends to worry and on the trail often turns back to make sure I’m still tracking along.

Both Miles and Osix are terribly afraid of big noises. Upon a thunder roar or a gunshot they disappear and hide. When noises frighten them as we hike, their preferred hideout is inside my Jeep. In case they need to disappear, I leave open the hatch door. Even when there aren’t disturbing noises, they disappear toward the end of our hikes. I arrive at the Jeep and find them snugged in, as above, on the front seat.

My very loyal ones, Louie (mini-Aussie) and Ranger (hound-mix), never leave me regardless of how unhappy they may feel on hearing big noises or experiencing inclement weather. I love their “staying quality” and usually as they wish turn and head toward the Jeep. Here they are hurrying toward me–and something that causes a chuckle–action making Ranger’s floppy ears fly.

It’s fun being out, playing with this great little pack, and doing lots of walking. I’m also practicing with my new iPhone to learn its photo capabilities. Hopefully, future captures will improve. Meanwhile, these make for good memories from yesterday.

Dear Friends: Next up, is Peaches, who’ll be excited to hop onto my shoulder. Diana

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