Night Lights

Moon rising over Bend

Friday, November 08, 2019

My Apple Watch shows which shape of moon to anticipate in each evening’s darkening skies. In last night’s twilight while heading down to feed the horses, I glanced up and saw the rising moon. It was a kind that I love, almost-full and overall slightly lopsided, a shape that to me seems hug-able.

Later in more darkness, I returned to the barn to release horses from their feeding stalls. While preparing to head up toward the house, I saw a changed moon lighting my path, of course still lopsided and lovely, but now neatly framed by slanting streaks of light-yielding clouds. I stopped, stared, and switched off an after-dark headlight while reaching for my iPhone. This new phone makes me do bunches of learning and I’m still too recent a user to go with confidence for good shots, but I really wanted that moon.

My photo isn’t perfect, it sort of resembles a watercolor but doesn’t disappoint. In it the moon appears less sharp and clear than in real time, but overall and with those slanting clouds, the whole seems to work. What makes this visual more cool is how well it captures that interesting moon’s great illumination of my pathway to the house.

In a good photo what’s best is how always it offers more. This one holds yet another element of cool, reminding me of yesterday morning’s pleasant telephone reunion with Tina, a Nevada friend who knew my sister well. For sure, we shared many memories of Elaine, and we also gave ourselves time to catch up with each other. Before we said our goodbyes, Tina told me how much she enjoys the photos in my blogs. After we hung up, I considered her words and how preoccupied I’ve been, the minimal effort given to camera-work. All day, thoughts of cameras nudged up the joy of aiming a camera, to capture forever unique moments and complex senses.

Dear Friends: And, last night, bingo! A serendipitous moon sealed the deal. Diana

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