Handling The Lines

Long-lining Rosie, Photo by Elaine LaRochelle

Thursday, November 07, 2019

Learning that my elderly sister had passed away brought a night of no sleep before I managed to face a day that was long, nervous and trying. At the funeral home, I sat listening to a long lecture having to do with cremation and death certificates. That afternoon, I visited the nursing home and learned that I can take a whole week to remove my sister’s possessions. I left empty-handed and took care of a couple of Elaine-associated errands before going home and trying to refocus on routine chores.

In her last months Elaine had mellowed. This made hanging out with her easier and I felt closer to my sister. Unlike in our past when often we were adversarial and negative. Anyway, regardless of how well or not a relationship, one in it who slips away leaves gaping holes. Emotional relationships ultimately may force facing the rawness of losing a beloved.

For me this moment means moving onward. Today, one of my key goals is to become better informed about any new legalities in the handling of my sister’s real estate, banking, and debts.

Meanwhile, another key goal is to start working again with Rosie-the-brat, my 23-year-old mare. The last time I was long-lining Rosie, she figured out that suddenly starting to gallop pulled the 30′ ropes from my hands, and she could run victoriously, freely, to her heart’s content. After she got loose a second time, I picked up a long whip and followed her while slamming the whip repeatedly against the ground and forcing Rosie to gallop until she got worn down enough to behave. If she gets away with misbehaving and dumps my handling, I’ll be toast. Today we’ll return to the dirt lot with the long ropes, and again find Rosie’s cooperative side.

Like people, Rosie can decide to be just the sweetest or to be a pain in the butt. These days, my too-smart mare probably is good therapy. Actively involving with a horse eliminates thoughts of anything except what’s in the moment.

Dear Friends: It’s hard to grow up, but on the other hand, do we ever really? Diana

2 thoughts on “Handling The Lines

  1. Diana, I’m very sorry to hear about your sister’s passing and glad you finally got to enjoy each other’s company. Yes, growing up is hard, something my being seems to resist. I don’t think I will ever think of myself as being old. I have too many things on my bucket list that requires me to stay young in spirit.

    Again, my thoughts and prayers are with you at this time.


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