Surprise Visitor

Thursday, November 14, 2019

That November Beaver Full Moon was supposed to show up again on Tuesday night and maybe on Wednesday morning but didn’t because a persistent cloud cover buried it. At least, I felt good for earlier having captured the magnetic image. On Tuesday morning, when it first appeared after working its way through Tuesday night’s clouds, its light bathed the horses and me. Ah, our unpredictable Central Oregon sky.

My research indicated that Wednesday morning would be the Beaver Moon’s last appearance. But it remained a no-show in the overcast sky, and so, I opted to start looking forward to photographing 2019’s next full moon. It’s to occur on December 11, and by then, I should be more skilled in using my camera. The next moon, known as the Mourning Moon, is the last full-globe to light our nights before the winter solstice.

Last evening, imagine my surprise while topping the hill to my house and seeing the Beaver Moon, still lingering and gorgeous. I grabbed my camera and brought the moon closer, snapped a couple of photos. The second capture kind of tickles me for having captured also a jet airplane heading southward from the Redmond Airport.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have the technologies and skills to bring into focus two such elements, one very distant and another more near. It’ll become one one my goals!

Dear Friends: Photos immediately recreate events and bulk our memories. Diana

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