Kind Moments

With Susie

Friday, November 15, 2019

Yesterday, I had the unhappy task of retrieving my sister’s remains, and also picking up official death certificates to fulfill activities associated to her. There’s more ahead in my sister’s journey as I fulfill her clear directions for its completion. She’ll continue to live in my head and heart.

Through this my neighbor Susie has been sympathetic and supportive. She invited me over last night for beer and cheese (our favs), but on that chilly evening we opted for a wonderful Spanish red wine alongside cheeses and spiced shrimp. Seated before a pleasant fireplace, we caught up with one another and she listened to me talk about my sister.

Susie’s current activities are exciting. Right now, her husband Dale is visiting a major Air Force Base to introduce their product, the Heli-Ladder, to officials with jet fighter airplanes. Their Heli-Ladder might be on the verge of becoming a Big Business. There’s also their son’s upcoming wedding and Susie showed me several elegant dresses she’s considering for her upcoming Mother-of-the-Groom role.

My horsey-person eyes opened wide on glimpsing formal cocktail dresses with bling for the first time in over a dozen years. And Susie showed several such dresses. Her eye-catching beautiful selections are delightful for wedding events, and like excited teens, we visualized and assessed the potential of each dress in real time and action.

Throughout my years of horsey activities, the animals have been wonderful as friend-finders, and Susie is one who used to love and ride horses. Last year on hearing my horses’ hoofbeats after the animal began pulling my cart almost daily through our neighborhood, Susie reached out. Our new friendship found much in common.

Over the last week, I’ve felt a bit sorry about not having opted for a public memorial for my sister. Last evening’s sharing of thoughts with Susie was kind and comforting.

Tea lights

Dear Friends: Real friendship is a collaboration that hasn’t a critical edge. Diana

4 thoughts on “Kind Moments

  1. So sorry to hear about your sister.i am in Asia so missed earlier posts. Thinking of you.

    ❤️ Judy

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