Low-Tech “Smart Engine”

Friday, November 22, 2019

Last evening, horse folks who enjoy carriage and cart driving met to revitalize the Driving Enthusiasts of Central Oregon (DECO). Most were from Central Oregon–Madras, Sisters, Bend–and joined by a couple from Wilsonville. The group created some starter-plans for casual and competitive activities that’ll begin next spring and continue into summer. I’m looking forward to driving with other drivers, and will help by facilitating informally the group’s planning and communications.

That scheduled meeting forced me from a chair where I’d spent the day’s hours watching television and following the proceedings of the House of Representatives’ Intelligence Committee. I’m less interested in competition between the sides than fascinated by the process, especially the high-quality of witnesses from the Intelligence Community. They are highly-educated, trained to write notes detailing just about everything that occurs while they perform as representatives/liaisons between ours and other governments. Their notes and memories help them articulate with seeming accuracy past communications, between individuals and among meeting attendees.

While leaning back in my chair and watching with my feet propped up, I sipped hot tea. The dogs love being inside for long stretches and happily hung around, each in his or her favorite spot.

Louie in his donut bed.
Ranger in his lounge chair.

Today, no more televised proceedings. We household members will resume our normal activities. I’ll be out exercising horses while the dogs watch our surroundings in their noisiness. Maybe best, there are no more pressing needs to ask Peaches to quiet down please.

Dear Friends: The House processes have been instructional and worthwhile. Diana

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