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Anticipating seasonal activities

Saturday, November 23, 2019

I’ve been preoccupied following my sister’s death, and so, missed the deadline to order a ticket allowing my donkey Pimmy to march in the Bend Christmas Parade. I’ll explore whether the Parade’s overseers will issue a late ticket. Standing by is Pimmy’s great costume from last year, designed and fitted by talented friends, Janet and her daughters.

Last December, new snow fell on the Parade morning and I decided against driving a vehicle, so Pimmy didn’t march. Soon afterwards, Janet and her family helped to set up a photo booth where we’d collect money for charity. Pimmy and her costume attracted many who stopped with kids for photos with the cute donkey. I enjoy taking pictures but found tiring the work of sorting through and distributing them. This year, the Parade hopefully on a day without snow would be fun enough.

I’m chagrined to have missed the ticketing deadline, but other things, too, dropped by the wayside. My horses need regular exercising but won’t be pulling any vehicles before spring, and getting myself out and working with them fell off. Before yesterday, their exercisings were all but forgotten, but suddenly it seemed, accumulated self-guilt began urging my lazy side to get busy.

One excuse for pausing horse exercise in chilly weather has been that faux-leather harnessing becomes stiff. Yesterday, I avoided working with cold harness by deciding not to long-line (IMHO the best way to exercise a horse). Instead, I opted to lounge (having a horse trot in circles at the end of a 30′ rope), which requires neither harness nor bridle, is easier and more boring. Yes, feeling a little bored and more than a little happy, I stood in a dusty area, again working the horses.

Earlier this week I participated with other area horsey folks to reactivate our local-area driving club. We set early spring dates for hosting some fun carriage/cart drives. We’ll explore possible locations for sponsoring driver-training clinics, and will plan to enter nearby driving events and competitions.

Maybe in yesterday’s early afternoon, my motivation came from that driving club meeting. Maybe that’s what got me groping my way out of an easy chair, and then, heading for the barn for a rope, halter, and horse.

Dear Friends: Goals committed to, in support of a group’s efforts, are very energizing. Diana

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